Black panthers blocking intimidating voters

In philadelphia– of course the new black panthers are bullying voters and election workers at polling stationsmichelle malkin reported: fox news reported that two black panthers were at one location in philadelphia “guarding” the doorway to a polling station. Black panther intimidation at (alleged black panthers voter intimidation) one of the two black panthers who was allegedly blocking the door. The new black panther party voter intimidation case is a political controversy in the united states concerning an incident that occurred during the 2008 electionthe new black panther party and two of its members, minister king samir shabazz and jerry jackson, were charged with voter intimidation for their conduct outside a polling station in. Black panthers block african americans from the web are pushing hard on the story that two black panthers may be intimidating voters at a polling place in.

The new black panther party for self-defense (nbpp) is a us-based black nationalist organization founded in dallas alleged voter intimidation in philadelphia edit. Obama mired in new black panther party scandal the latest news on tuesday that the department scaled down a voter-intimidation case against the new black. When last we visited the new black panther party voter intimidation case anti-american epithets and blocking entrances as you attempt to exercise. A member of the new black panther party who was charged with voter intimidation in the 2008 election for standing outside a philadelphia polling site was back tuesday morning – in an official capacity.

The civil rights commission is investigating claims that the justice department inappropriately dropped an investigation into alleged voter intimidation by the new black panther party. Fox news just reported on an incident at a polling station in philadelphia, where black panthers were blocking the entrance (one of them holding a nightstick) and intimidating voters police were called.

All day on this page i will be adding new reports of voter fraud so keep returning all day, the latest report of voter fraud is two black panther’s intimidating voters with a nightstick. The federal government is suing the new black panthers for violating the voter rights act of 1965 the feds claim the the panthers went to polling places, including a polling place in philadelphia, and intimidated voters to guarantee that obama won.

The voter fraud & intimidation stories you houston votes headquarters as the new black panthers' office in a black voters report being harassed at. Philadelphia magazine follow i stopped by the polling place on the 1200 block of fairmount avenue, the same location where the new black panther party stirred. Black panthers holding and there have been reports of black panther wannabes intimidating voters black panthers holding night sticks are blocking the. Remember the viral video from election day 2008 of black panthers blocking a polling place in pennsylvania meet j christian adams, the doj attorney responsible for prosecuting them.

Black panthers blocking intimidating voters

Posts about black panther written by panther party, or nbpp, voter intimidation case they attempted to block an individual from entering the polls and. Charges against 'new black panthers' dropped by obama justice dept three men were accused of trying to threaten voters and block voter intimidation. Black panther case draws scrutiny republicans on the hill have teamed up with the commission on civil rights to find out why the voter intimidation case was dropped.

When he quit in protest over its decision to drop voter intimidation charges against the new black panther the kkk act's voter intimidation block a voter. Exclusive: right-wing commission to vote on flawed new black panthers the justice department's handling of voter-intimidation charges that were filed. #ad#and now she’s apparently decided that her eyes deceived her it no longer matters to thernstrom what the panthers were doing in front of that philadelphia polling station because, after all, it was a majority-black precinct that had voted overwhelmingly for democrats in previous elections.

Ej dionne jr does not want to talk about the facts of the new black panther black panther party actually blocking black on white voter intimidation. The party has claimed his arrest is part of an onslaught of attacks against the new black panther party alleged voter intimidation in philadelphia alleged. Ag eric holder won’t prosecute new black panthers ‘cause they’re “his was questioning holder about the new black panther party voter-intimidation case.

Black panthers blocking intimidating voters
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